Riddle's WWE Return Date Confirmed?

An update on Riddle's imminent WWE in-ring return.

Riddle WWE

Riddle is expected to make an in-ring WWE return at this weekend's house shows, reports Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It is believed that the Raw star will face rival Seth Rollins, with the promotion hitting North Charleston, South Carolina on Saturday and Fayetteville, North Carolina over the next few days.

WWE hasn't booked Riddle to wrestle since the 25 July Raw. There, he was attacked by Rollins ahead of their planned SummerSlam 2022 match (30 July). This injury angle then saw the bout pulled from the premium live event despite prior advertising.

Riddle showed up at SummerSlam regardless, calling Rollins out. Speculation that WWE may find Seth an alternative opponent didn't manifest.


Although he has seemingly been kept off the road for the past few weeks, Riddle isn't injured. The match's cancellation was a work. It is now expected that WWE will put him and Rollins together for Clash at the Castle, which takes place in Cardiff, Wales on 3 September.

Riddle and Rollins have been wrestling each other on the house show circuit for several months, including a run of Street Fights in July.

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