Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Revealed On WWE SmackDown

Bryan unfurls a vaguely familiar face...

SmackDown ended last night with Daniel Bryan and lackey Rowan revealing the man allegedly behind the recent attacks on Roman Reigns.

At the close of the show, the wronged Roman was invited into Bryan's dressing room, where he had possession of the perpetrator under a hood. The Planet's Saviour insisted that his buddy Rowan was totally innocent, telling Reigns he had "found the man that nearly ended your career."

He then dramatically unfurled the cowl to reveal, no, not Vince McMahon, but a Rowan lookalike. The Big Dog looked on utterly dumbfounded, apparently failing to understand the meaning behind Bryan's doppelganger. Until the cogs in his brain begin whirling, he's apparently just accepting of this answer.

Of course, this could be taken at face value, and it might well be the case that WWE are debuting a familiar-faced nobody for the sake of a single match. Except that'd obviously be very stupid; this is clearly a way of Bryan deflecting from the fact that Reigns had already identified his man.

Why he didn't immediately lamp Bryan in the face he don't know.

Perhaps within the next seven days the penny will drop. Tune in next week to find out!

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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