Ronda Rousey Explains Why She Won't Work Full Time In WWE

It's not about ego, it's about putting ego aside...

Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey said on her official YouTube channel that she does want to return to WWE, but doesn't want to wrestle full time.

The former Raw Women's Champion was joined by ex-Jackass star Steve-O and freely discussed everything from starting a family to how she'd approach pro wrestling the next time. In the video, she said she'd worked "completely full time for a year" in WWE and "probably worked 200 days out of the year" before noting that most talents do "way more" than that.

She's not interested in working that kind of schedule again.

Rousey said she couldn't put her family through the stress, and noted that it's hardly conducive to starting a family if she's on the road taking bumps all the time. If Ronda is going to make a WWE return (which is something the promotion themselves have been teasing on TV recently), then it'll be in an even more limited capacity than before.

It's worth pointing out that Rousey worked 47 matches in 2018 and another 23 in 2019. The main bulk of her workload outside the ring was spent making personal appearances for the company.

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