Ronda Rousey To Fight Holly Holm At UFC 195

Surprise decision from UFC.

Ronda Rousey will defend her UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship against Holly Holm at UFC 195. The fight will take place on January 2, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Rousey made the announcement during an appearance on Good Morning America, which illustrates just how mainstream she has made the sport. "January 2 I'm going to be fighting Holly Holm, who is actually the most decorated striker we have in all of mixed martial arts," Rousey said. "Not the women's division, not the bantamweight division, like 19-time boxing world champion Holly Holm, was the Ring Magazine pound-for-pound female fighter of the year and definitely my biggest challenge to date so I'm super-excited about it." However, Rousey talking up Holm's boxing credentials isn't reflective of the challenger's MMA skills. She's looked distinctively one dimensional in her two UFC fights, only earning victory via decisions. She has reach and can box, but is she really adept enough in MMA to face someone like Rousey? The likelihood is that the Champion takes her down and submits her via armbar in less than a minute. Holm has only had two UFC fights and it has surprised many observers that she is getting this title shot. Still, lack of skill didn't stop Bethe Correia doing a monster PPV buyrate with Rousey at UFC 190. The thing about that was, Correia sold the fight with stinging personal comments and character. Holm isn't going to do that, she isn't that personality, and actually comes across as a nervous person. UFC President Dana White has clearly liked her from day one, but she's done nothing to impress MMA fans. The big mystery in all of this is Miesha Tate. Dana White had already said she was the number one contender, following her victory over Jessica Eye in July. Granted, Rousey Tate is a fight that has been done before, but Rousey versus Tate 3 would still have been big box office. Then there's the continuing saga of Cris Cyborg and her supposed desire to fight Rousey. One rumour is that a Cyborg Tate fight will now happen, with the winner facing Rousey (or Holm should she win) at UFC 200. One thing for WWE fans, with Rousey fighting in January, it probably leaves her open for WrestleMania in early April. She'd begin her UFC 200 training camp after Mania 32's April 3rd date. However, Dana White allowing his top star to appear is questionable.
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