Royal Rumble By The Numbers WWE DON'T Want You To Know

30 men enter. One man wins. That man probably goes on fourth at WrestleMania.


Ahead of each year's Royal Rumble event, WWE runs a by the numbers By The Numbers video.

Well over 120 tonnes of flesh have entered the ring as part of the January spectacular, and even if this was all rolled into one monstrosity of a Superstar, they'd still get eliminated by about six normal-sized men seconds after Michael Cole hysterically guaranteed their victory. Roman Reigns holds the record for most eliminations, with 12 - or is that Braun Strowman now with 13? Does the Greatest Royal Rumble count, or what? It was rubbish, but then, so was the 2015 match. 27, a cursed number elsewhere in the entertainment industry, is lucky in Rumble lore, in that it has yielded the most winners - which means we probably won't see Mike Kanellis emerge from that spot on that same day this month.

It doesn't do much for the "nyuh WhatCulture is so negative" meme, anticipating the most fun night of the WWE pay-per-view calendar by taking a sh*t on it - but consider this a public service of sorts. More often than not this decade, WWE has ruined the most fun night of the pay-per-view calendar by taking a sh*t all over us.

So, with a tear in your eye, read on to learn that the most fun pay-per-view of the year, at times, is calculably abysmal!


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