Rumour Killer On Brock Lesnar Signing For AEW

AEW may be about to bag CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but Brock Lesnar won't be their third man.

Brock Lesnar AEW

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter features a report that should kill rumours linking Brock Lesnar to All Elite Wrestling for the time being.

Having referred to the speculation as "fiction" earlier in the week, Dave Meltzer writes that Lesnar and Tony Khan have never held serious business conversations over the former WWE Champion going to AEW. Sources close to Brock have also confirmed that talk of him heading to America's second-biggest wrestling promotion was unfounded.

The rumours first started breaking out on Wednesday night. A member of Meltzer's message board claimed that Oliver Copp, who works as a German announcer for IMPACT Wrestling, had heard from a reliable source that Lesnar had signed a contract outwith WWE.


WWE and Brock parted ways last summer, making Lesnar a free agent. While it has been reported elsewhere that Lesnar will likely end up back under Vince McMahon's employ, Meltzer reports that the two parties are yet to negotiate a new deal.

If current reporting is to be believed, AEW look set to land two major free agent coups in the form of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan within the next few weeks. Lesnar, however, will not be joining them.

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