Rumour: WWE SmackDown Star Could Be Jumping Brands

Who's rumoured to make the leap to Monday nights?

WWE are set to move Dolph Ziggler from SmackDown to Raw shortly, according to @WrestleVotes on Twitter,

The jump would be a delayed part of AJ Styles' own move from Mondays to Fridays in May. At the time, WWE's official party line was that wrestlers "to be named later" would go the other way in exchange for Styles; yes, the company are still pretending that Raw and SmackDown are jousting for power even though there's no tangible evidence and wrestlers show up willy nilly whenever WWE feel like it.

Ziggler is just the latest example.


The alledged brand switch would end Dolph's ongoing storyline with Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Otis. Over on Raw, he'd theoretically fit right into the United States Title scene (someone like Ziggler would be a sweet opponent for Apollo Crews) or form another tag-team with someone else struggling for house room.


It is interesting that WWE would choose to shift Dolph when his alliance with Deville has been working so well on SmackDown.

There's no word yet on who else might move brands to plug the gap left by AJ over on Raw.

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