Rumoured Returning Name Spotted At WWE Performance Center

Amidst rumours of a WWE return, this star has been spotted at the WWE PC.

Erick Rowan

Amidst reports that he's on his way back to WWE, Erick Rowan has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center.

Per the ever-reliable Mike Johnson over at PWInsider, Rowan has been down in Orlando at the WWE PC this week, adding further fuel to those stories that the big man has returned to WWE.

Last month saw the two-time WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion have to withdraw from an appearance for Canada's East Coast Pro Wrestling, with the promotion itself publicly stating that this was due to Rowan having "new contractual obligations". That was soon followed up by a report from PWInsider that the 42-year-old had recently been in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is where WWE traditionally holds medical tests ahead of clearing a talent for action.


In the time since, it's been reported that Erick Rowan has indeed signed with WWE, with him one of several names rumoured to be a part of the new faction that's expected to be tied to Uncle Howdy as and when Howdy returns to WWE TV.

Rowan had previously been under the WWE banner from 2011 through until 2020, being part of the company's many releases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the Minneapolis native has made a handful of appearances for AEW - most notably for the Brodie Lee Celebration of Life - and was present for WWE's SmackDown tribute to Bray Wyatt last August.

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