RVD Says Released WWE Star 'Can't Stay Out Of Trouble'

Rob Van Dam thinks this former WWE man struggles to stay trouble-free.

Matt Riddle

Rob Van Dam recalled meeting now-former WWE star Matt Riddle for the first time during a recent episode of his '1 Of A Kind' podcast, and said the former RK-Bro man "seems [unable] to stay out of trouble".

WWE cut ties with Riddle in late-September following several years of on/off controversial incidents and rumours surrounding him. RVD wasn't exactly surprised by that, but is certain Matt will "get another chance" (with WWE or somewhere else entirely) to show his value.


Van Dam thinks the company had to show there'd be "consequences" for Riddle's inability to stay out of the headlines.

Elaborating, RVD added: "He’ll definitely go somewhere productive from here and hopefully he’ll quit sending d*ck pics or whatever it is that he’s doing on his off time that gives him so much heat". Yikes!


There was a time when it seemed certain Riddle would become a World Champion in WWE. He'd cut his teeth on the NXT brand, then formed a surprising tag-team alongside Randy Orton. Singles matches vs. Roman Reigns and others also showcased just how good Matt could be, but management soured on his real-life drama eventually.

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