Ryback Making Wrestling Return

"Your hero is returning soon."

Ryback WWE

Ready for the wrestling return of Ryback?

If the Big Guy is to be believed, he'll soon seemingly be making a return to the squared circle. Taking to Twitter, Ryback has proclaimed how our wrestling hero is returning soon and that we will all cheer for him.

As alluded to in Ryback's post, the former Intercontinental Champion hasn't wrestled a match since 2018 - that coming on 26 August 2018 in a victory over Dylan Bostic at Northeast Wrestling's Under the Stars show.

Having initially appeared on WWE Tough Enough, Ryback spent time in developmental territories Deep South Wrestling, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling before becoming a part of the first season of NXT. Famously, that time on the gameshow variant of NXT led to Ryback - as Skip Sheffield - becoming part of the Wade Barrett-led Nexus that ran roughshod over the WWE main roster for a (sadly) brief spell.


Since departing WWE in 2016, Ryback was busy on the independent scene up until that August 2018 date, and away from wrestling he's been running his Feed Me More Nutrition company.

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