RYZIN Interview: AEW, Career Journey, Being The Elite, Matt Hardy, More

How have you seen yourself benefit from using social media, especially in recent years?

RYZIN: Social media is the way everything is going around these days. Social media can make or break a person, make or break a talent, make or break literally anything or everything, any kind of entity. Social media is widely important and needs to be used with velvet gloves because you can say or do the wrong thing that can really jeopardize your career going forward. It can also be the biggest benefit. It can turn a typical indie wrestler in some small town into Danhausen, who is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling today who just got interviewed by Conan O'Brien. I don't know the guy on a personal level and not to sound like I'm putting him over, but you can't deny that.

He has his own shirt at Hot Topic and things like that really speak to who he is as a character. All of that is social media-driven. So much of the stuff that he does or some of these other wrestlers that are just as popular on social media, I definitely feel I'm right up there right them. I'm heavily involved with social media, I'm almost on it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, preaching the gospel to my congregation. When I say that, I do believe on some level I have a following of people who really hold onto what I say and believe what I say and believe in me. The congregation is an extension of who I am and I'm able to use social media to preach the gospel to them.


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