Sami Zayn Compares His WWE Success To The Rock's "People's Elbow"

Is Sami Zayn's story with The Bloodline like The Rock's famous signature move?

Sami Zayn Paul Heyman

Sami Zayn thinks his unlikely story with Roman Reigns and the rest of The Bloodline has something in common with The Rock's old 'People's Elbow' signature move.

Explaining, Sami told Corey Graves on WWE's 'After The Bell' podcast that Rocky slipping off an elbow pad, gesturing, then criss-crossing the ropes before hitting a basic elbow probably looked daft when it was written down on paper.

However, the move captured fan imaginations and became "iconic" over time. Zayn believes him invading a tight-knit family/Samoan dynasty to become an "Honorary Uce" is sort of the same, because no-one could've imagined that it'd be as successful as it has been throughout 2022.


That story is currently one of wrestling's best.

Sami reckons someone could write, 'Sami Zayn joins The Bloodline and gets accepted by Roman Reigns' down on a sheet of paper and probably get laughed at. It sounded so implausible before, but "the execution" has been wonderful - so wonderful, in fact, that people totally buy into it now.


Also, if Zayn starts using a version of the 'People's Elbow'? Yeah, there might not be enough cash in the world for that box office.

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