Sammy Guevara Says Released WWE Star Will "Never" Work In AEW

This recently-released ex-WWE star will never work in AEW, according to Sammy Guevara.

Top Dolla

Sammy Guevara says ex-WWE star Top Dolla' (who is now going under the name FranĀ¢) will "never" show up in AEW.

Guevara was answering fan questions for Alan '5' Angels, and one asked if several other recently-released WWE wrestlers might start showing up on Dynamite or Rampage. When Dolla's name came up, Sammy kept things short and sweet by saying that'd "never" happen.

There won't be a Hit Row reunion under Tony Khan's watch, it seems.


The reigning TNT Champion will be fully aware that Top Dolla' had numerous social media run-ins with The Young Bucks and All Elite's fanbase whilst he was under contract with WWE. That, apparently, hasn't endeared the former NXT and SmackDown man to Guevara.

Interestingly enough, there were reports that Dolla' had significant backstage heat before leaving WWE. The wrestler himself defended his behaviour by saying he was only outspoken about the company's decision to release his stablemate B-FAB shortly after Hit Row had been called up to the main roster.


There will be no AEW stint for Dolla' in the near future though, or so it seems. He doesn't have many friends there either.

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