Samoa Joe Replacing Jerry Lawler Permanently On WWE Raw?

WWE Raw's announce team has changed again.


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Samoa Joe is very likely to replace Jerry Lawler full-time as a colour analyst on Monday Night Raw going forwards.

Joe has stepped in to keep the three-man dynamic going in Lawler's absence during the ongoing pandemic, but it now appears that he has snagged the position away from 'King' permanently. Nobody can deny that the Samoan brings a calm composure to the announce booth, or that his in-ring knowledge is vital for selling submissions and other match motives.

Joe hasn't been medically cleared to make his own return to the ring. He was concussed during a video shoot for Raw in February, and he's still waiting on a timescale from doctors to wrestle again. The 41-year old has a lofty perch behind the broadcast table in the meantime.


Fans on social media, who had been lambasting Lawler for outdated remarks and corny jokes, must be pleased that WWE are taking steps to replace him.

Lawler has been part of company furniture for years though, and it is sad for longtime fans to think this might be his last go-around as a commentator in the promotion.

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