Samoa Joe Returning To A WWE Ring Soon?

It has been too long since we last saw Samoa Joe wrestle.


Samoa Joe could soon swap the WWE announce booth for the ring once again.

This is according to RAW wrestler MVP, who dropped the following quote in a new interview with Newsweek:-

“What I understand, Samoa Joe is gonna be back in action and over the years Samoa Joe and I have been great friends, but we’ve never ever faced each other. At this stage of my career, I think I feel a lot more confident facing him, knowing that I got Bobby and Shelton backing me up—but I also know that wouldn’t phase Joe in the least.”


Joe vs. MVP sounds like a pretty sick match - if WWE can put it together.

The former United States Champion hasn't wrestled since February. 2020 has been a rotten year for him, bringing a 30-day suspension for violating the company's Wellness Policy and multiple injuries, including a concussion suffered while filming a WWE commercial. A horrible string of luck, so here's hoping better times lie in his near future.


Joe had been aligned with Kevin Owens in his feud against Seth Rollins' stable prior to his hiatus. Recent weeks have seen him clash with 'The Monday Night Messiah' several times, so Rollins may make sense for Joe's first feud back.

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