Samoa Joe Teases Wrestling Return

Former WWE star Samoa Joe has been dropping heavy hints on social media.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has started teasing fans on social media that he's ready to launch an in-ring wrestling return soon.

The former TNA and WWE star, who was released by the company for a second time on January 6 2022, posted an interesting pic on his official Instagram page. In it, Joe said he'd been enjoying a peaceful week "up on the mountain with friends and family".

That downtime has made him reflect on his career to date and ambitions for the future. Joe was photographed sitting deep in thought - a huge jigsaw puzzle was laid out in front of him. Some pieces were in place, but others were scattered all around.


The three-time NXT Champion captioned the pic with, "As the pieces are beginning to come together".

There was no word on which promotions Joe hopes to work with, or anything like that, but some on Twitter are hopeful that AEW will be one of them. Wrestling fans would also get a kick out of an Impact Wrestling return, or maybe some matches in ROH when that starts up again.

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