Samoa Joe's CRAZY Poker Game Robbery Story

Who the f*ck would try to rob Samoa Joe!?

Samoa Joe Poker

Corey Graves' 'After The Bell' podcast has been bettered by New Day's one, but the announcer's show does offer up some gems every now and then.

Samoa Joe told a remarkable story on the latest episode about his days outside WWE with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and others. During a TNA tour of the UK, the trio sat down at the hotel for a poker game, and it was high stakes; all three had sold a ton of merch that night, and they were playing for a "considerable amount of money".

Suddenly, something struck Joe, and a man ran past. AJ encouraged Joe to "get him", and the Samoan gave chase down the hallway, caught the perpetrator, asked him if he was intending to rob their game and then pressed him up against a nearby wall.


The guy was saved when hotel staff warned Joe that police were on their way.

Joe later realised that it was a prank gone wrong, but he wasn't taking any chances. Again, like the summary line says, who the f*ck would try to rob Samoa Joe (or even make him think they were trying to rob him)?

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