Santana Injured In AEW Blood & Guts Match

AEW's second Blood & Guts match saw Santana fall to an injury seconds after entering the cage.

Santana AEW

Blackpool Combat Club affiliate Santana barely got going in last night's Blood & Gates match on AEW Dynamite, having suffered an injury within moments of entering the cage.

Many of the match's pre-finish stages were about escalating levels of violence through entering wrestlers introducing increasingly brutal weaponry. For Santana's part, he brought not only a table into the ring, but a barbed wire bat as well, then leapt into the action.

The Jericho Appreciation Society's Daniel Garcia was in his crosshairs. When Santana went for a Uranage on the young prospect, however, his own knee buckled beneath him, neutralising him immediately. This was the end of his participation in the match. After being rendered almost completely immobile for an extended period of time, Santana was out of there:-


There is currently no word on the finer details of Santana's injury. If this necessitates a period away from the ring, we wish him all the best in his recovery.


Santana's team were ultimately victorious in the match. The finish played out atop the cage, with Eddie Kingston trapping Chris Jericho in a Stretch Plum while Claudio Castagnoli had Matt Menard in a Sharpshooter. Ultimately, Claudio tapped Menard out, frustrating Kingston, who loathes Castagnoli despite their convenient alliance.

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