Sasha Banks One Step Closer To WWE Return?

Sasha Banks' schedule outside WWE drops hints that she's on the comeback trail.

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is no longer advertised for a flag football game promoted by the NFL's LA Rams.

The controversial WWE star had been scheduled to appear as herself (as in, Mercedes Varnado not Banks) at the event, but she has since been pulled from the team's Instagram stories promoting it. That, according to some online, is a sure sign that Sasha is on the WWE comeback trail.

The LA Rams organisation has been promoting numerous celebs for the game, but Banks is no longer one of them. Now, some pro wrestling detectives out there believe that's because she'll be on Friday's episode of SmackDown instead.


Of course, that's all guesswork.

Recent reports do suggest that WWE and Sasha are back on speaking terms, but nothing official has been announced quite yet. It's also worth noting that Banks hasn't cancelled any of her other personal appearances over the weekend.


The fact she scrapped one on Friday night is interesting though - could Sasha show up on FOX and fire a warning shot to the rest of the women's roster? Or, is this a complete coincidence that means nothing?

Only time will tell.

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