Sasha Banks Rejects ANOTHER Big Offer From WWE

Banks was "offered the world"...

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has allegedly repeatedly rejected major offers and remains no closer to returning to WWE, according to freelance journalist Tom Colohue.

The 'Legit Boss' has been at a stalemate with WWE since apparently attempting to quit the promotion over WrestleMania weekend due to the way the company handled the Women's Tag Team Titles, which Banks & Bayley lost to The IIconics, and despite being given time off to "figure things out" & being offered multiple deals, Sasha skipped the WWE European Tour and is at an impasse with Vince McMahon et al.

Over a month has passed since the issue first arose, but journalist Colohue stated:-

"Despite...Banks reportedly being offered the world, she continues to stand her ground and the situation hasn't improved at all."

This could not come at a worse time for WWE, with numerous wrestlers asking for their release from the company and backstage morale allegedly at an all-time low. Some are claiming that the former Women's Champion has been offered big money deals and even that she could be Miss Money in the Bank, but Banks remains unmoved.

It appears that no matter how much money WWE throws at this problem, it's about principles...and it won't go away.

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