Sasha Banks Returns On WWE SmackDown

WWE's final push before Royal Rumble was huge for Sasha Banks and SmackDown.

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Sasha Banks made her return to WWE television on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The 'Legit Boss' tossed Charlotte Flair over the top rope during a multi-woman brawl to open the show, then declared that she was officially entering the Royal Rumble on Saturday night. Sasha's comeback prompted a huge reaction from the live crowd - they were very happy to see her.

Flair's implied elimination means that WWE could be about to book Banks vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania 38. Or, at least, that creative is interested in Sasha challenging for the SmackDown Women's Title following this weekend's pay-per-view.


Perhaps WWE will use that match as a marquee attraction over in Saudi Arabia.

It's worth noting that Banks was 100% babyface on Friday night. She'd previously been switching between heel and face before temporarily aligning with now-ex WWE star Toni Storm. That was the last fans saw of Sasha before her latest sabbatical.


Banks immediately becomes a leading favourite to win Saturday's female Rumble. She's right there in the mix with others like Lita, Charlotte herself and possible comeback queen Ronda Rousey on fan lips right now.

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