Say Hello To WWE's Surprising New Head Of Live Events

WWE just enlisted this former Intercontinental Champ to run house shows.

Jeff Jarrett Royal Rumble 2018


Yes, it's true. None other than Jeff Jarrett has returned to WWE as the new head of live events. PWInsider Elite's sources within the company tell them that Jarrett is strutting back into company business in an executive role, and it's set to start next week.

Jeff previously worked for WWE as both a talent (he had several stints throughout the 1990s, and has returned for cameo roles in latter years) and a producer. He left the promotion during the peak of the COVID pandemic, but is set to make an unlikely comeback yet again as head of house shows.


PWInsider's WWE staff in the know told them that Jarrett "is taking over" the live event side of things. That's a logical role - Jeff has decades of experience in the biz, and he's been at countless house shows during his career.

Jarrett also helped start TNA back in 2002, so he's used to being in an executive role and having key responsibilities. This could be the best place for WWE's ex-Intercontinental Champ and Hall Of Famer behind the scenes in the company.


Ain't he great?

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