Scarlett Bordeaux Stops Custom OnlyFans Requests

Scarlett Bordeaux's OnlyFans business appears to be going down well with fans!

Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux has had to push the pause button on custom requests on her OnlyFans account on the back of an overwhelming response.

The former WWE star has been enjoying a decent amount of success since hopping onto the popular subscription service site. But the sheer amount of attention being sent the one-time NXT performer's way has now resulted in Bordeaux needing to shut down her custom requests for the foreseeable.

As Scarlett would note on:

“Hey everyone! I got a MASSIVE outpour for custom requests, and I will be closing them until I’ve been able to respond and look at all of them! I put a lot of work into every request that I do and if I pick your custom I will get back to you, so thanks for the patience! I’ll also be getting a list of clothing together soon as well! A lot of people asked about kiss cards as well so here is what they look like! They are $100 each while supplies last, so DM me ASAP! (Oh, and roasts are still $50 via text and $100 for a video roast!)”

A quick glance at Bordeaux's comments highlights the variety of content the free agent has been able to offer to her fans, with everything from custom videos to personally signed and kissed cards being made available to all who wish to support the star through her account.

Since departing WWE recently, both Scarlett and partner Killer Kross have confirmed numerous appearances at various conventions and independent promotions. The former will make her anticipated in-ring comeback at WrestlePro's Killer Instinct on February 5 against Harley Cameron, the partner of NXT 2.0's Xyon Quinn. That same night will also see Flip Gordon take on Kross.


It's safe to say the two former Triple H pet projects have settled nicely back into life outside of WWE's doors.


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