Scott Hall Reveals How Much He Makes From WWE Merch Sales (Hint: It's A LOT)

It pays to be a former New World Order member when that WWE merch cheque comes through.

Scott Hall

Scott Hall has revealed that he is currently pulling in six-figure paydays from wrestling merchandise sales alone.

Speaking on Eric Bischoff's 83 Weeks podcast, Hall revealed how lucrative the New World Order's merch game is, even 25 years after the stable's formation, comparing the paycheques to those he received during his original WWE run as Razor Ramon (h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription):-

“I mean I’m making 6 figures just off [merchandise]. And every once and a while, yanno when you make an appearance, you make more. The funny part is, now that I hardly ever work for them or hardly do anything, the payoffs are way better, it’s always first class air fare, they always have a driver at the airport. When I was filling seats for them and traveling all around the world, I couldn’t get s--t. I was sitting in the back, in the middle seat, back when they had smoking seats."

Hall went on, pointing out the irony of wrestling earning him all this money now, when he doesn't need it:-

“Four guys piling into a Ford Taurus that we paid for ourselves, staying in the Motel 4, because we’re paying for our own hotel. It’s just like when you don’t need the money when they give it to you. I came into WCW with a nice fat contract, thank you E, first class air, rental cars, everything. I can afford it now, I can afford my own room, I can afford my own car, but when you can afford it, it’s free. When I was starving to death and sleeping three to a room, there was no help then.”

The nWo logo is amongst the most iconic in pro wrestling history and the original black and white t-shirt is a classic. It's evergreen, and a likely cash cow for WWE, Hall, and the other nWo members.

Hall last appeared for WWE this April, when the New World Order were inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the delayed Class of 2020.

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