Scott Steiner Shoots HARD On The WWE Hall Of Fame

Big Poppa Pump is at it again!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to inform you that Scott Steiner is at it again.

'Big Poppa Pump' was recently interviewed by David Penzer for his Sitting Ringside podcast. Never one to hold back on his opinions of WWE, he said the following when asked about a potential Hall of Fame induction:-

“First off, where in the f*ck is the Hall Of Fame? How can you be in the Hall Of Fame if it doesn’t exist? It exists in Vince’s mind. Do I give a f*ck if I rent space in Vince’s mind? F*ck no, I don’t give a f*ck what he thinks. So I don’t care if I’m in the Hall Of Fame because it’s a f*cking joke because it don’t exist."


So far, so Steiner.

Big Scott also had some strong words for Triple H, saying "that's the thing when a guy is a mark and he wants to beat everyone and who is a legitimate p*ssy" when referring to how he was booked against ex-WCW stars in WWE. Steiner, of course, was famously flattened by 'The Game' in their hideous rivalry.


As is also the case with Steiner, the podcast is a hoot of a listen, though this is admittedly rather tame stuff from a guy who called Stephanie McMahon a "c*nt" the last time he spoke to WhatCulture.

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