Sean Waltman Shoots On Being Plagued By "X-Pac Heat"

Was "X-Pac heat" a real thing in 2001 or just bullsh*t from WWE fans online?

X Pac

WWE Hall Of Famer Sean Waltman has described the "X-Pac heat" that plagued him towards the end of his run with the company in 2001-2002 as "just an internet thing".

Waltman told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' podcast that fans in the arenas were booing him for different reasons. X-Pac, he explained, was a heel character - the notion that everyone 'just wanted him to go away' was pushed by some online who felt that way.

He's cool with that, but doesn't think it's fair to tar everyone with the same brush and assume that 100% of the pro wrestling fraternity wanted him gone.


Sean isn't sure that "go away heat" would work in this instance anyway - to him, "go away heat" is when fans sit on their hands during matches and don't make any noise at all. The fact people were bothering to boo shows Waltman that he was actually doing something right.

Do you agree with what X-Pac is saying here? Did he get a raw deal from internet fans? Or, was "X-Pac heat" a definite sign that people just weren't digging his act anymore?

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