Second Generation Star Making His WWE NXT Debut Soon?

Could we soon finally be seeing the NXT bow of this second generation talent?

Bronson Rechsteiner Bronson Steiner
Instagram @bsteiner_wwe

Having taken to Instagram to post an image of himself in his wrestling gear and looking totally badass, could we soon be seeing the NXT debut of Bronson Rechsteiner, aka Bronson Steiner?

The son of the legendary Rick Steiner and obviously the nephew of Scott Steiner, Bronson posted a shot of him in a leather vest and what appears to be a singlet very much in the same style as the iconic Steiner Brothers tag team.

When looking at the greatest tandems in pro wrestling history, the Steiners are forever in the conversation, with their amateur background, snug in-ring work and genuine tough guy demeanour making them a truly formidable proposition for any teams they came up against over the years.


As such, many long-time wrestling fans are hugely intrigued by the prospect of Bronson Steiner following in his father's footsteps. And for those same fans, it's easy to see Bronson's latest "On the way" IG post and think that he could be making his NXT bow sooner rather than later - with several WWE names also commenting on Steiner's post.

At 23 years of age, 6'0" tall, 230 lbs of solid muscle, with an amateur wrestling background and a stint at the NFL's Baltimore Ravens under his belt, this second-generation Steiner is someone who clearly ticks plentiful boxes when it comes to what WWE looks for in a talent; even more so as NXT gears up for a revamp that will reportedly see the brand focus more on younger, bigger stars.

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