Seth Rollins Burns Down The Firefly Fun House On Raw

Yowie Wowie! The Beastslayer is an anarchist...

Seth Rollins Firefly Fun House

Well, Seth Rollins has finally done it. He has finally burned something down.

Last night's Raw saw the WWE Universal Champion embrace his inner arsonist and pay tribute to Randy Orton by setting fire to Bray Wyatt's property, with 'The Beastslayer' igniting the Firefly Fun House to close the broadcast.

An interview earlier in the evening saw Rollins promise Charly Caruso to "end things [with Wyatt] tonight," having failed to do so at Hell In A Cell, and off Seth went to find 'The Fiend.'

This presumably took him all night, as Rollins wasn't seen again until the closing segment. It started as a regular Firefly Fun House episode before Seth invaded and beat the bricks off his rival, who popped to his feet, asking "why are you doing this to me?!". Rollins then put Bray down again before grunting "burn it down," lighting a match, and, well, burning it down.

The full segment can be viewed below:-

Make what you will of it, though it's telling that Rollins was booed by the crowd as he beat Wyatt down. Maybe that Crown Jewel rematch isn't such a great idea after all?

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