Seth Rollins Discusses His Issues With CM Punk

Seth Rollins didn't hold back on the SI Media podcast recently.

CM Punk Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins talked about his animosity toward CM Punk during a recent appearance on the SI Media podcast.

In the wake of 'The Best in the World's shocking return to the world of sports entertainment at Survivor Series, the current World Heavyweight Champion hasn't exactly hidden his feelings towards the Punker.

Now, after taking part in a worked rant post-WarGames and telling Adam Pearce to stay out of his way when Punk "shows the world his true colours" on this week's Raw, Rollins told Jimmy Traina (via F4WOnline) he felt the former WWE Champion had been "really selfish when it comes to his perspective on the industry."


Going further, he'd also note how 'The Voice of the Voiceless' "has played the martyr role to a tee."

Rollins didn't completely bury the star who looks destined to clash with the top red show champ sooner rather than later, though.


'The Visionary' explained how Punk had actually helped him in places "when he didn't have to", before also adding that, after initially giving off the impression he was doing all he could to give back to the business when Rollins met him all those years ago, "he really turned into a pretty selfish guy and really wanted to take more from the industry."

Oh, but he still wasn't done there, folks.


Rollins also didn't appreciate Punk bad-mouthing his workplace for years and going out of his way to call the former Shield member a "bootlicker", claiming he was insulted by the way Punk spoke about himself, WWE, and some of the friends he worked with - he even referenced a certain Colt Cabana.

Put simply, Rollins feels there's "an animosity there" between the two.

And while a lot of Rollins' words here were likely being delivered as a way of hyping up an inevitable battle between the pair, it does still seem as though the two top WWE stars are far from the best of pals at this moment in time.

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