Seth Rollins Finally Reveals Why WWE Banned The Curb Stomp

WWE Champion reveals the backstage decision.

Seth Rollins has told Fox Sports that the Curb Stomp finishing move was banned due to PR reasons. He said that it was collective decision due to concerns that the move was too violent. "It was a decision that was collectively made from a PR standpoint. Curb stomp just seemed like it was too perceptually violent, I guess you would say. I never hurt anyone with it. It was just something we didn't want kids trying on each other." That's a very politically correct thing to say. You can almost imagine the WWE PR person sat next to him giving him a dagger look to say the right thing when Fox Sports brought the subject up. The reality is that WWE have had trouble with former wrestlers bringing up concussion lawsuits. It didn't look good for the company to be combating those cases at the same time as their Champion is stomping people's heads into the mat on television. Rollins correctly points out that he never hurt anyone with the move. The truth is that there are actually far more dangerous moves in the WWE right now. It is a shame for Rollins, as his career defining moment is always going to be that Curb Stomp he executed on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31. As things stand right now, WWE are never going to play that footage on television.

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