Seth Rollins Shoots Angle With Jon Stewart For A Raw Showdown

It looks like Jon Stewart is this year's big WrestleMania celebrity.

Seth Rollins has made a surprise appearance on The Daily Show and invited host Jon Stewart to a showdown on Raw. The angle started with Rollins appearing on a split screen. This caused Stewart to rant, unaware that Rollins was actually behind him and approaching his chair. The whole thing was done in a very over the top comedy fashion. Rollins invited Stewart to Raw and the pair started shoving as the show went off the air. It was good mainstream publicity for WWE and Rollins, but it was also somewhat of a shame to see Rollins treated as a comedy act. What does it say about WWE if their top heel is treated like a joke? This whole situation needs to be booked carefully. Stewart is a comedian and 52 years old, there's a danger that he could undermine WWE's product if he just comes to Raw and gets the better of Rollins. The fact that he already held his own in a grapple at the end of Rollins' Daily Show appearance is worrying. WWE aren't concerned, as they're just focusing on the mainstream publicity. Stewart recently announced he was retiring from The Daily Show, so it is definitely good timing for the WWE to do a tie in. But don't let it be at the expense of the wrestlers. This angle is likely to develop further and lead to a Jon Stewart appearance at WrestleMania. What that means for Rollins against Orton is unknown. That match needs to be a serious feud, the way it started with such high intensity. Adding Stewart to the mix will add publicity, but it will seriously dilute critical quality.
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