Seth Rollins Shoots On Dave Meltzer

Architect attempts to "burn down" Wrestling Observer journalist.

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Seth Rollins is having a normal one again.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported earlier that WWE held a talent meeting in which, per his sources, the company "blamed talent speculation for causing a problem, the talent was told the flight issues were all mechanical and nothing more, and Seth Rollins attempted to do a rah-rah speech while telling people to keep things like this off social media in the future."

This incensed Rollins, who fired back on Twitter by claiming that Meltzer is "at best a purveyor of misinformation or at worst an outright, vindictive liar. I hope it’s the former." He used the hashtag #rahrah, which, inevitably, has now been used as a stick with which to beat him.


Author's (purely speculative) take:

Has Rollins lashed out at the right target?


Without being present at the meeting, obviously, but using recent character history to parse the story, it would seem that one of Rollins' boys has done him here.

As the self-appointed face of the company - "rah-rah" is the perfect phrase to describe his infamous 'Best pro wrestling in the world...' tweet - such grandstanding is, at least, a plausible lie. This is a man who sold out a friend, using a Very Vince McMahon phrase, to defend his company earlier in the summer. Jon Moxley "took his ball and went home", if you recall.


This seems like something he would do. And if he did, and you were a talent marooned in a dangerous country in a fraught situation, and your "locker room leader" tried to tell you to pipe down...wouldn't you grab your phone and text the nearest journalist to express how maddening that would be?

Meltzer can misspeak, he can phrase things insensitively, he can prefer CMLL to WWE: but he's not in the business of outright lying. Rollins, in contrast, seems to do anything his boss tells him to.

"Guys...gonna need you to, uh, burn down those little grievances ya got there."

He might not have said that...but it seems like something he would say.

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