Seth Rollins To Be Removed From WWE Programming

WWE star Seth Rollins expected to be off TV for four-to-six weeks.

Seth Rollins

According to Ringside News, Seth Rollins will be taking some time off after his upcoming match with Murphy on next week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.

Rollins' fiancée, Becky Lynch, is due to give birth in December. So, it now appears that "SmackDown's Saviour" will be taking some time off to be there for his new child and wife-to-be, with the former Universal Champion expected to be absent for the next month or so.

Lynch hasn't been seen on WWE programming since announcing herself and Rollins were expecting their first child, but the former Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion was reportedly backstage at a SmackDown taping a few weeks ago. Lynch also shared an image of her baby bump for the first time on Instagram last month.


Ringside News' report noted that Rollins could possibly reappear at January's Royal Rumble event. Will the former WWE Champion have his eyes on a new target at the start of 2021? Or will the dastardly heel look to resume hostilities with Murphy and the Mysterios?

We hope, for all of our sanities, that it most definitely is not the latter.

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