Several NXT UK Stars Expected To Soon Move To NXT

The NXT brand seems set for a shake-up.

Charlie Dempsey NXT UK

While the WWE main roster is currently in the midst of a shake-up that's already seen several returns and call-ups from NXT, it looks as if the NXT brand itself could be getting a refresh in the coming weeks.

As per Mike Johnson over at PWInsider, there have been internal talks over the past few days of having several NXT UK stars head over to Orlando, Florida to compete for the main NXT brand.

Whether these talents would be utilised for a handful of appearances or something more permanent remains to be seen, but some of the names discussed to switch over to NXT are the Gallus trio of Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, and Charlie Dempsey. For those not aware, the hugely promising Dempsey - real name Bailey Matthews - is the son of none other than William Regal.


From what PWInsider have been told, all of the aforementioned wrestlers are expected to arrive in Florida before the end of this month. In addition to Gallus and Dempsey, there could of course be other grapplers who likewise swap the confines of the BT Sport Studio for the WWE Performance Center.

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