Several Reasons For WWE Draft Decisions Revealed

Network interests kept R-Truth on Raw, couples not separated.

Charlotte Flair Draft

WWE conducted a prolonged and often nonsensical draft this past week, as they both got their house in some semblance of order following the effective brand resets, and tried to entice viewers to tune in (and it looks like it failed on that last count).

There were several head-scratching switches between the two nights of transferrals, including Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross being drafted separately despite being a team. Oddly, another effective team, Carmella and R-Truth, were separated.

Turns out there is at least a good reason for that. It's understood, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer, that the USA Network did not wish the 24/7 Championship - a belt they ordered to help retain Raw's viewership - to go to SmackDown around Truth's waist. This conflicted with WWE's desire to keep real-life couples together; Carmella consequently had to join her boyfriend Corey Graves over on the blue brand.

Likewise, Rusev stayed on Raw, meaning Lana's Bobby Lashley story is set to continue, and Andrade and Zelina switched to Mondays to be with partners Charlotte and Aleister Black respectively.

Some other explanations for moves have leaked. Humberto Carrillo, who WWE believe could be their next Hispanic star, is replacing the SmackDown bound Rey Mysterio on Raw, and the Authors of Pain have made the switch to embark on a programme with Viking Raiders.

As expected, Brock Lesnar was named on SmackDown on the demand of FOX, who had lost the pull of Ronda Rousey.

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