Several Top Stars Pitched To Work With FTR Before Their WWE Exit

It's almost as if WWE had the best tag team in the world and weren't doing anything with them...

Many wrestling fans regularly lambasted WWE for the company’s mishandling of the former Revival, and it now sounds like several of WWE’s top names were likewise keen for the organisation to do more with FTR.

In a new report from Fightful, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon, Bray Wyatt, The New Day, and The Usos are all said to have pitched ideas to work with the then-Dash Wheeler and Scott Dawson.

That’s quite the list of talent, but still the WWE powers-that-be were loathe to do anything of serious note with FTR.


Out of those names mentioned, Reigns and Orton are reported to have both had individual meetings with Vince McMahon in order to get something going with The Revival – only for those conversations to largely fall on deaf ears.

Of course, we did get to see The Revival join up with Randy Orton for a matter of weeks as the group known as FTRKO. As a visual, seeing Wheeler and Dawson stood alongside Randy made for a great sight. They looked like a trio who would hang out together, they meshed brilliantly in the ring, and all three played perfectly off each other.


Since departing WWE and taking on the names of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, FTR have admitted that the only reason the short run with Orton lasted as long as it did was because of how keen Randy was for the triumvirate to work together.

Once that on-screen relationship came to an end, FTR saw that as the final nail in the coffin and saw their futures elsewhere.


WWE’s loss is clearly AEW’s game, with FTR the (yes, I said it!) best tag team on the planet.

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