Shane McMahon Thanked Matt Riddle For Not Attacking Goldberg During WWE SummerSlam Altercation

Things did get pretty awkward...

Matt Riddle Goldberg Summerslam
WWE The Bump

Matt Riddle has gone into more detail about the of the backstage confrontation between himself and Goldberg at SummerSlam in this week's episode of The Bump.

The company had previously shown the footage during the WWE Goldberg Chronicle special, with the only additional info about what had happened coming from the Original Bro himself, who explained that the pair had exchanged words backstage at the Scotiabank Arena.

The conversation starts courteously enough, with the pair shaking hands as the former WCW Champion tells Riddle that they need to talk.


Goldberg then seems to get tired of exchanging pleasantries, telling the NXT star: "First of all, I'm not your bro. Coulda been, a long time ago. You put a stop to that." Riddle reiterates that the issue between them amounts to little more than a difference of opinion, and the pair go their separate ways.

The former UFC welterweight went on to explain that Shane McMahon had actually approached him after the conversation, and thanked him for not getting physical:

"Shane was like, 'Hey, thanks for not swinging on Goldberg.' I was like, What? Can you imagine if Matt Riddle punches Goldberg unconscious in the back? I can't do that! That is not a stallion move. You sign a contract, you get a fight, you get a match setup and then you beat him in front of millions of people. That's a stallion move!"

Ultimately, the whole exchange was more bizarre than outright hostile, with a clear undercurrent of tension between the pair. However, with Riddle's move to the main roster imminent, don't be surprised if the footage is eventually used to capitalise on the real-life heat between the two in a build towards a match.

Watch the encounter at 1:18:04



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