Shaquille O'Neal Heading To AEW?

AEW teased the NBA legend's arrival on last night's Dynamite.

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It looks like NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal could be the next major celebrity to hit AEW, following on from Mike Tyson's appearances earlier this year.

Last night's Dynamite teased the former Laker's arrival. Cody Rhodes' post-Full Gear promo was interrupted by the debuting Jade Cargill, who toyed with 'The American Nightmare' before referencing a recent promo in which Rhodes referred to himself as AEW's giant-killer. From there, Cargill said she knows a giant of her own, then congratulated Cody on getting his surname back before saying he was afraid of going by a single name. One man who isn't afraid of doing that, however, is Shaq, whom she name-dropped.

Brandi Rhodes then appeared, spitting fire at Cargill. Cargill smiled this off and made her exit as the two of them were separated by Jerry Lynn.


O'Neal was backstage at last Saturday's Full Gear pay-per-view. This was shown on the latest episode of Being The Elite, and the 48-year-old has previously been photographed at the Nightmare Family's training facility with Anthony Ogogo.

Shaq is a noted wrestling fan with several WWE appearances to his name, the most notable of which revolved around a rivalry with Big Show.


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