Shawn Michaels Recalls Huge WWE "Injustice"

HBK isn't happy that this moment defined a WWE peer's pro wrestling career.

Bret Hart Shawn Michaels 2010 embrace

Shawn Michaels has called it "a huge injustice" that the 'Montreal Screwjob' followed Bret Hart around like a bad smell and came to define his career in the eyes of wrestling fans.

Michaels was speaking with Bret about Survivor Series 1997 during a chat with 'The Ringer' when he revealed his current thoughts about one of the most controversial WWE moments ever. According to Shawn, it's hard for him to think of himself first and foremost these days, because he knows the mental toll Montreal took on Bret.

The pair are friends now. They reconciled in 2010, and they've been able to put much of what happened behind them, but Michaels still feels bad about his part in things. To him, it's unfortunate that few talk about Hart's iconic in-ring career without saying something like, 'Hey, remember Montreal?'.


That may never change.

Shawn also said that he didn't personally start to get over the incident until he got married, found religion and was able to reflect on his past behaviour. He's also grateful that Vince McMahon took most of the heat to protect him at the time.

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