Shawn Michaels Shoots On Triple H Running WWE Creative

Here's what ol' HBK wants to see on WWE Raw, SmackDown and NXT very soon.

Triple H Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels hopes that old pal Triple H can bridge the ever-widening gap between relevancy on NXT and WWE's top shows Raw and SmackDown soon.

HBK told Sports Illustrated that he'd love 'The Game' to "put together a really powerful one-two punch between NXT and the main roster that’s going to drive WWE to even greater heights". Shawn will be right there by Hunter's side throughout the entire process, and says he's "excited" to see what's coming next.

First and foremost though, he wants the NXT issue to be sorted out.


NXT is close to Triple H's heart, so he'll likely put some more focus back on the brand and rescue it from "2.0" hell. Michaels wants to see it, because he reckons the old black and yellow/gold show could be an awesome complement for WWE's flagship programming once again.

Most fans would probably agree that NXT was better when Trips was calling the shots. Vince McMahon's sweeping changes last year did nothing to help the brand, so a return to old glories could be the way to go. Shawn certainly thinks the show's future is bright.

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