Sheamus Shoots On Details Of A Reported Backstage WWE Fight

"That’s when I knew there were certain people out to get me!"

Sheamus dished new details on old reports of a backstage fight between him and then-WWE star Yoshi Tatsu in 2009-2010 on WWE's 'After The Bell' podcast.

According to Sheamus, Tatsu ended up living in the same apartment as Ted DiBiase Jr and himself when the Japanese worker's planned flatmate "left him high and dry". That wasn't a problem until Sheamus noticed that Yoshi wasn't contributing to the $500 needed for rent and utility bills.

When confronted by an angry Irishman, Tatsu fired back. He and Sheamus ended up exchanging words and having a bit of a shoving match, but things were sorted fairly quickly.


Sheamus didn't hear anything more about it until he won the WWE Title for the first time from John Cena at TLC 2009. After that, he was shocked to learn that some in the locker room believed Yoshi had knocked him out.

He hadn't, and Sheamus wasn't thrilled that people were pushing such nonsense. Yoshi claimed he had nothing to do with these stories when confronted, but Sheamus knew it wasn't a coincidence; he'd just become champion, and realised then that "certain people" were out to get him.

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