Sheamus Turns Heel On WWE Raw, Attacks Drew McIntyre

A Brogue Kick earns Sheamus a WWE Title shot, as the Celtic Warrior turns on Drew McIntyre...

Sheamus Drew McIntyre

Sheamus finally turned on Drew McIntyre on last night's episode of WWE Raw, scoring himself a shot at the WWE Championship in the process.

The turn was forecasted months ago, with the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer noting in November 2020 that the apparent friends would soon become warring parties, culminating in a WWE Title showdown. WWE pulled the trigger when Sheamus Brogue Kicked Drew's head off last night.

It all went down in the opening segment. Sheamus interrupted showdown between McIntyre and Edge, the 2021 Royal Rumble winner, talking smack on Drew's would-be-challenger, who declined to confirm who he'd be facing at WrestleMania 37. Left alone in the ring with McIntyre, Sheamus hit the Brogue, posed, and left.


'The Celtic Warrior' spoke to Charly Caruso soon after this, saying that his friendship with McIntyre was over and that he wanted the WWE Championship. McIntyre responded in a separate interview by saying that if Sheamus wanted to throw their 20-year relationship away for the sake of the gold, then that's fine, granting the title shot.

Recent months had seen Sheamus working as a tweener on Raw. Now, he's a full-on heel again. WWE is yet to confirm a date for his match with McIntyre.

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