Shelton Benjamin Possibly Returning To WWE

The talented grappler could be making a comeback to WWE.

Former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin could be on his way back to WWE if the latest internet buzz is to be believed. According to a trademark application has been filed by Lauren A. Dienes-Middlem on behalf of World Wrestling Entertainment for the name €˜Shelton Benjamin€™, primarily for the use on merchandise. According to the report, the company have plans to emblazon the name on various items of clothing including but not limited to: T-Shirts, tank tops, baseball caps, gloves, sneakers and so-called Halloween/masquerade costumes. Given Benjamin€™s lacklustre run with the company in the past it is hard to think of any other reason such an application would be made. It€™s not as if Benjamin is one of the company€™s all-time legendary stars that fans would flock to merchandise stands for unless there was a plan in place to re-debut him. Benjamin last wrestled for WWE on its hideous ECW brand before finding success on the independent circuit, primarily in Ring of Honor. Despite showing incredible levels of potential Benjamin failed to get over the way he should have and dwindled away in the mid-card filling a spot much like that of Kofi Kingston. Ever since his release in April 2010 rumours have been known to spark up about a potential return but such a thing has never materialised. With the uncovering of this new information however it seems the rumours may actually be true this time, and with Royal Rumble right around the corner what better way to reintroduce him? Let€™s just hope Shelton leaves his Momma at home this time though. UPDATE: Further investigation reveals that WWE filed a notice of cancellation on the trademark request on November 14th. They are no longer claiming ownership of the name
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