Shelton Benjamin Reveals His WWE Status

not what we wanted to hear.

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin has finally updated fans with regards to his WWE contract status and it's not what most people expected to hear. Benjamin was scheduled to make his much anticipated return to WWE last year before a rotator cuff injury was discovered during the company physical. As a result, Benjamin underwent surgery and has only recently been cleared to return to the ring.

After tweeting about his return to health, many expected to see Benjamin back in the WWE sooner rather than later. Whilst this still may happen, Shelton has recently revealed that he never signed with WWE and was not under contract when vignettes promoting his return were airing on SmackDown last year.

Chiming in on fan speculation on Twitter, Benjamin stated:

@MFSteveHere @TheSonOfMuta @JoyOfBearding Let me clear this up now. I am not signed to @WWE. I never signed due to injury. While that could change, as of 4-16-2017 I am a free agent— Shelton J. Benjamin (@Sheltyb803) April 16, 2017

As of writing, Benjamin's first match back since July of last year will take place at the World War 360 Brii Combination Wrestling event in Elmhurst, NY, this Friday.


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