Shinsuke Nakamura Confirms WWE Deal

Details on when he will be done with New Japan.

Shinsuke Nakamura has confirmed he is heading to WWE. Japan's Tokyo Sports published the news, in which Nakamura revealed he will be leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling later in January. The talented grappler said that he wanted new challenges and was hoping to hit new heights on WWE's platform. This revelation was expected, but it is still exciting to finally get official word and a time frame. Nakamura has legitimately been one of the best pro wrestlers in the world, and fans will be hoping he gets the opportunity to show his full skill when competing with WWE. Having just launched WWE Network in Japan, the signing does make sense for the industry leader. Whether it makes sense for Nakamura, only time will tell. KENTA was a huge star in Japan, only to be hidden away on NXT as Hideo Itami. Even before his injury, his career had faltered. Nakamura will have to show far more charisma than Itami and adapt to WWE's ring style, otherwise he'll suffer the same bland run. Other New Japan stars are expected to be confirmed for WWE soon. AJ Styles has cleared out all his bookings, while Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are also thought to be coming in.
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