Shinsuke Nakamura Re-Signed With WWE 'Months Ago'

There is no news on whether Finn Bálor has penned a new deal.


Shinsuke Nakamura won't be leaving WWE any time soon.

There had been questions over the King of Strong Styles' commitment to the company in the long-term, based on his general lack of top-line programmes and a languid set of performances which appeared to reflect an embedded disinterest. However, it seems the man from Kyoto is more than satisfied with his current lot in life - or at least, his pay packet - as Dave Meltzer confirmed on Twitter last night that he had recently re-signed with the company.

According to the veteran journalist, Nakamura put pen to paper on a new deal a few months back, although exact details of the contract are not known at present. Meltzer was also asked about the future of NXT's Finn Bálor, though did not comment on the Irishman.


Nakamura's recent exploits in WWE largely coincide with the timeline of his contract renewal; he claimed the Intercontinental Championship from Bálor at Extreme Rules - for what that's worth - and is a key component of an attractive Triple Threat involving himself, NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong and US champ AJ Styles at this year's Survivor Series.

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