Shorty G Gets Renamed On WWE SmackDown

Nothin' but a G thang...

Lars Sullivan Shorty G Chad Gable

Critics who palmed their own foreheads when 'Shorty G' was born last year will be happy to hear that the gimmick is gone.

After losing to Lars Sullivan on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown, 'Shorty' cut a frustrated promo backstage and revealed the he was reverting to his old name. Chad Gable is back, folks, and it's about damn time.

Gable had originally said he was quitting WWE altogether post-loss, but then told Adam Pearce in the doctor's office that it was 'Shorty G' who was quitting. He then briefly teased that he'd be called by his surname only before saying that Chad Gable was his "new" moniker.


Chad began using the 'Shorty G' gimmick around this same time in October 2019. It never really felt right, or made much sense - Gable was approximately the same height as some of the heels who bullied him for failing to be a giant. It just didn't work.

Hopes are high that WWE will now get back to basics with Gable and book him properly as the technical wizard he is between the ropes. He deserves a fighting chance, and to rid himself of the 'Shorty' disaster.

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