Shotzi Blackheart Heading To WWE?

The current SHINE Nova Champion has reportedly signed a WWE developmental deal.

Shotzi Blackheart

According to a report from Squared Circle Sirens, WWE has moved to sign indie standout Shotzi Blackheart to a developmental deal.

Real name Ashley Urbanski, Blackheart appeared on the most recent season of WWE Tough Enough, but her progress was halted due to a medical issue. The 26-year-old California native also had a WWE tryout back in 2016, although no deal was offered at that point in time.

In recent years, Shotzi has competed for promotions such as Impact Wrestling, SHIMMER, SHINE, EVOLVE, BEYOND, and Sabotage Wrestling, and she’s actually the current SHINE Nova Champion and the Sabotage War of the Genders Champion.

The wrestler herself has actually taken to Twitter to seemingly play down the news of her signing, although several outlets are now reporting that Blackheart is indeed signed with WWE and is awaiting a start date.

Given how NXT has done such a fantastic job at presenting some of its female talents over the past several years, fans of Shotzi Blackheart will all be hoping that the Pizza Cat is afforded the opportunity to make her mark in NXT sooner rather than later.

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