Sin Cara No Longer On Chris Jericho's List?

He was working someone Monday night, just not Sin Cara.

Chris Jericho Sin Cara

Chris Jericho was in work mode on Monday night when he wore a Sin Cara mask on Raw during his surprise attack on Seth Rollins. Most fans thought that it was a dig at Cara for their fight on a bus overseas, but apparently he was trying to fool the audience themselves.

On his podcast Talk Is Jericho, he revealed that he wore the mask because it was an "FU to the internet community that knows everything but doesn't know s**t." Ouch.

He also revealed that he's good friends with Sin Cara and that he was the one who lent him the mask.


Well that certainly feels a bit uncalled for! The internet fans are among Jericho's most passionate supporters, so it seems a bit counter productive to take a shot at them like that. Most wrestling news sites picked up the story, so shouldn't he have an issue with them instead? In addition, Lance Storm and Big E both Tweeted about finding the incident amusing they not "know s**t" either? Only Jericho knows the answer to that.

Well, if nothing else, it's comforting to know that this Thanksgiving weekend that Sin Cara is no longer on The List.

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