SmackDown Wrestler Becomes "Honorary" Member Of WWE's Bloodline

Roman Reigns has been temp-replaced by this unlikely WWE SmackDown star.

The Usos Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has just replaced Roman Reigns in The Bloodline.

OK, not really, but Sami has become an "honorary" member of the group in Roman's absence. Zayn told old pal Kevin Owens on SmackDown that he planned to become part of the faction going forward - Kev laughed, but then Sami was begrudgingly accepted by The Usos in a later backstage segment.

This is unlikely to be a long-term thing, but WWE could go several different ways with it. They could either book Zayn as an occasional foot soldier for Reigns, or start the slow roll towards an unexpected babyface role for their resident delusional conspiracy theorist.


At least the writers have options.

Sami has taken to wearing a Bloodline t-shirt during his most recent appearances on TV. This is a departure from what Zayn was doing before (claiming that everyone in WWE was out to get him and painting himself as a locker room pariah), and it has some potential.


WWE went the comedy route with Sami's temporary induction. He's started referring to himself as an "Honorary Uce", much to the bemusement of Jimmy and Jey.

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